Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stalked Crinoids! A Forest of Fossils!

Isocrinid stalked crinoids from the Mariana Arc in the tropical Pacific.via NOAA

So, the other day someone complained to me that the Echinoblog didn't do enough with fossils. So, this week FOSSIL CRINOIDS to the MAX!

The fossils below look like the ones above..kinda. Isocrinids? from the Jurassic. Image by Kevin Zim.
Jurassic crinoids

Some nice crinoids from the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Not sure which species. Images by malts8
(HMNS) Crinoid Plate at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
(HMNS) Houston Museum of Natural Science -- Crinoid Pair

Here is the Paleozoic Jimbacrinus bostocki from Australia
(Australia) Jimbacrinus bostocki  Crinoid
An awesome rhombiferan (Caryocrinities ornatus)-not quite a crinoid-but something closely related. Another image by malts8
(New York) Caryocrinites ornatus
Pentacrinus (Mesozoic to Cenozoic) Image by fa11ing_away
A nice Seirocrinus subangilaris from the Jurassic Poseidonia slate of Germany. Image by Zoltan.sylvester

Cool looking Zeacrinites magnoliaeformis fr. the Mississippian-glen Dean Formation in Grayson Co., YI. Image by malts8
(Kentucky) Zeacrinites magnoliaeformis Crinoid
Onychocrinus exsculptus. Mississippian? (Paleozoic) Image From the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Onychocrinus exsculptus
More from the Mississippian! Talarocrinus planus. Image by G.S. Springer
Talarocrinus planus (crinoid)
Ampelocrinus mundus?
Ampelocrinus mundus? (crinoids)
From the Mississippian of Iowa. Dichocrinus inornatus, and Rhodocrinites kirbyi. These fossil pics from Piedmont Fossil- The Iowa Historical Museum
some nice fossiliferous limestone
A veritable FOREST of crinoids! Rhodocrinites kirbyi, Dichocrinus inornatus, Pachylocrinus globosus, and Rhodocrinus nanus along with unidentified brachiopod and bryozoan.
Multiple Crinoids
Agaricocrinus splendens from the Mississippian
Agaricocrinus splendens
Onychocrinus exculptus from the Mississippian of Crawfordsville Indiana
Onychocrinus exculptus

So, remember awhile back when I wrote this controversial post about swimming/floating crinoids?? There was this diagram that had been presented about how this one crinoid, Scyphocrinites enjoyed a pelagic type lifestyle with a positively buoyant "float"
Here are some neat photos of what these floats look like in similar crinoid species.

In this case, from Camarocrinus ulrichi. Images by malts8
(Oklahoma) Crinoid  --  Camarocrinus ulrichi  Schubert
(Oklahoma) Crinoid  --  Camarocrinus ulrichi  Schubert
They are sometimes abundant in the field!
(Oklahoma) Camarocrinus Crinoid Flotation Bulbs

And down in the Cambrian we have...Gogia, an Eocrinid  (a different but closely related group of echinoderms similar to proper crinoids) Lower Cambrian, from the Wheeler Shale Formation. Image by Stan Celestian

Are there echinoderms I'm not giving enough time to? Let me know!


John Meszaros said...

Wow, thanks for posting these, Chris. I'm always astounded by the beautiful details in crinoid fossils

ChrisM said...

And I'm always astounded by the creativity that goes into your art! thanks for the kind words! Always looking forward to seeing new creations!

David Clark said...

Beautiful crinoids and cystoids! I love collecting and preparing crinoid fossils. I just found your twitter feed and need to catch up on your blog.

You should post about blastids next. Some of the Glen Dean Fm. Pentremites show color patterns.

ChrisM said...

Thanks David! I will see what I can come up with next!