Monday, December 14, 2009

December Edition! Sea Urchin Videos!!

Today! Some Sea Urchin Videos! Enjoy!

A recent report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on newly created sea urchin barrens in Tasmania. Based on this Dive Survey website, I believe the species is Centrostephanus rodgersii? If someone knows better-please let me know! SEE? This is why common names suck. Multiple news surveys and NO scientific names.

An outstanding series of sea urchin developmental images. From Southern California-so I think Strongylocentrotus??

High Def Fire Urchin! (Astropyga, I think)

More Fire Urchins! (Astropyga, I think) from Manadao Beach, North Sulawasi.

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tshilson said...

Off Topic: A sea urchin has made the comics! It is a character in the strip User Friendly at He is introduced on Dec. 11. The ball with feet is Dust Puppy. The little ball is Matt the sea urchin.