Thursday, October 7, 2010

Japanese deep-sea cuke poops! then Flies! Sand Dollars eating! Sea Urchin Escape Artist!

and what would Thursday be without a new vid of a deep-sea swimming sea cucumber pooping and then taking off!

and from the same Youtube channel.. a sea urchin escape artist!

This Japanese sand dollar (Astriclypeus manni, I think..)eats uh...something that is probably shrimp meat...

and these aren't echinoderm videos..but wow! If you enjoy the Echinoblog-these will appeal to you..

Octopus escapes from Jar!

When Giant deep-sea Isopods ATTACK!

and the BEST for last! You have probably NEVER seen this. Giant frakkin foraminifera and their pseudopods movin around' in time lapse!

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