Monday, October 7, 2013

Some Stunning & Swimming Feather Star (Crinoid) Pics!

Crab on Crinoid
Image by Raymond Dy
Crinoids are always that weird member of the Echinodermata that seems to get out from under the "weird animals" category.. maybe because they can be so ethereal and frankly, just so damn photogenic!

So, this week: Some Feather Star Fascination! Some Charismatic Crinoids!  Here's some neat "best of" links about crinoids:
  1. The Crinoid Life Cycle: How Feather Stars (comatulid crinoids) show their relationship to stalked crinoids!(here)
  2. Urchins Attack! And Why Feather Stars Swim (here
More Swimming!
2013 Shetland 093 301 Fetlar crinoid
Image by tdpriest
Feather star
Image by Jules Nene
031_adj_DSC0536 swimming crinoid
Image by Erwin Poliakoff
Flying feather star
Image by Raymond Dy
Not only was this one caught swimming-but there's a crab holdin' on! Yowee!
Crab on Crinoid
Image by Raymond Dy
and of course this video that is just about as soothing as anything you will watch an echinoderm do..

A crazy Splash of crinoid color!
Image by Sea Dog Diver
A colorful but more muted color crinoid combo!
Image by Rene Cazalens
This one seems to be "standing" on its arms. Unusual behavior!?
Standing Crinoid
Image by Troy_Williams
A fantastic one called "Crinoid Corona"
crinoid corona
Another one by Troy_Williams
This one is called "Honshu crinoid sunburst." Nice. 
Hoshu crinoid sunburst
and yet another by Troy_Williams
A nice shot showing crinoid and associated fish..
7-27 zanpa boat crinoid and fish
Image by Troy_Williams
Wow! An unusual shot by Simon Marsh
A nicely posed Antarctic Promachocrinus kerguelenensis (maybe)
Image by Icy_Sea_Slugs

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