Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Deep-Sea Starfish Mouths: What do YOU see?

Dytaster sp. 
So, the other day I showed some of my friends one of these close up shots and the reaction was varied. I said "BLEARGH" for one, some agreed. Some disagreed. Some were offended!! 

Others below I said were a "grin" which met with some disagreement. Who knew such contention came out of these closeups...

Are these close up of the mouths of Japanese deep-sea sea stars some kind of undiscovered rorchach blot? A window into the soul?? 

What do you see? 
Lithsoma sp.
Distolasterias sp.
Thanks again to the National Museum of Nature and Science for their support of my visit!


Emily said...

What do I see?
Picture 1: BLEARGH indeed!
2: Pretty floor tiles.
3: Pentagrammatic cactus.
4. A sea anemone made of tooth enamel.
5. Interdimensional portal in a bowl of cottage cheese.
6. High-speed photo of milk shaken by an earthquake.
7. One of those plastic Christmas trees, bleached in the California sun.
8. Sand.

ChrisM said...

Exactly! :-)