Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starfish Reproduction Via the Performance of Isabella Rosellini

Happy Springtime!
By now, many people have seen the famous series of unusual but uh...compelling videos on inset sex entitled "Green Porno" by
Italian actress/model/philanthropist/director Isabella Rossellini

Here are a series of short clips of her new show "Green Porno 2" featuring primarily sea creatures such as the asexual life of starfish, the protected life of limpets and the bizarre sex life of angler fish. Go here for the general link.

Its short and safe for work unless your office is strict on starfish erotica with people wearing funny costumes!

Go Here for some Hot Starfish Sexfulness!

Some Limpet VaVaVa Voom here!

and...deep-sea Angler Fish Action!

1 comment:

Tessera said...

The best one is the vagina penis one.

One has to love Isabella Rossellini and Green Porn.