Thursday, January 13, 2011

Echinoblog On the Road pt. 2:What was I REALLY doing???

I am running a bit late this week... as I am still "in the field" visiting the Invertebrate Zoology and Geology Dept. at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco..or AM I???

Could I instead be at a top secret installation with confidential life forms from beyond our world??

For example, here Instead of a kickin-ass RARE specimen of Pythonaster in the jar below (only 5? other specimens in the world?) Could I POSSIBLY instead have some terrible new life form humanity was not meant to know??
(hint-covert, black ops, hush-hush organizations ALWAYS have a t-shirt with a readily identifiable symbol and their name plastered across the front!)

Instead of the deep-sea starfish, Hymenaster koehleri, could this be some form of extra terrestrial menace???

Instead of a specimen lot of the deep-sea astropectinid Dytaster gilberti, could this be some terrible leftover from a world-gone by when monsters roamed the Earth??? (or maybe its both?)
Instead of harmless eppendorf tubes that I use to collect data from specimens for my phylogenetic analyses... MAYBE this serve some other SINISTER purpose involving forms from beyond our world??
Instead of about 80 identified specimens of deep-sea starfishes which I identifed and are being cataloged for the museum, MAYBE these are nodules forming part of a sinister supervillain type plot!! (well except for Chrissy in the photo-she's clearly not evil at all!)
Maybe, I reviewed THREE scientific manuscripts on my break...OR INSTEAD reviewed evil starfish relatred pages of the next Necronomicon?? (or maybe they were both! I can never tell with manuscripts these days...)
or MAYBE instead of giving a scientific talk to the scientists at the California Academy of Sciences about my starfish research, this outlines my MULTI-STEP PLAN for WORLD DOMINATION!!
What was I doing really? You decide.

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