Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Off-topic! Fire Worms! Chloeia Video & Picture round up!

Chloeia flava
Image by Ben Naden
Chloeia is a fairly conspicuous polychaete worm in the family Amphinomidae which apparently occurs widely throughout the Indo-Pacific. About 27 species..and honestly I'm not sure if everything that is labelled C. flava in the videos and pics IS correctly identified but here's a round up of videos and pics while I am distracted by a job interview!

This one shows some burrowing action at the end...


Here's one eating...

This one is a stunning iridescent green! Image by friscodive
Chloeia sp.

Chloeia fusca.  Image by Ben Naden
Chloeia fusca

Another similar one. Image by divemecressi
Peacock bristle worm - Chloeia flava

And yet another by friscodive
Chloeia flava 01 - Nudi Pixel

An awesome one from the Panama Canal. Image by Arthur Anker
Fireworm (Chloeia sp) from Panama Canal

Back atcha next week with more echinoderm blog love!

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Anonymous said...

Thats got to be a relation to the much un-loved bristle worm that would come in my live rock when I kept marine fish! Pretty, but prob destructive! Happiest in the ocean.