Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Off topic: Stunning Crab Photos from Arthur Anker!

Today, a little diversion from echinoderm as we feature, once again, the stunning invertebrate zoology photography of Arthur Anker featuring some of his favorite animals!

A "strawberry crab" (Pelia mutica) from the Honduras
Strawberry crab (Pelia mutica), Honduras

wow! A festive decorator spider crab called Cyclax suborbicularis (Majidae) from Moorea, French Polynesia
Carnival time !

A "christmas lights crab (Paractaea rufopunctata)
Christmas lights crab (Paractaea rufopunctata)

The spectacular deep-water crab Rochinia crassa
The spectacular deep-water crab Rochinia crassa

An awesome looking leucosiid crab, Heteronucia venusta from Guam
Heteronucia venusta (Leucosiidae), Guam

A stunning Chilean hermit crab (Pagurus edwardsi) infested by a parasitic barnacle (=a rhizocephalan called Peltogasterella gracilis)
A Chilean hermit crab (Pagurus edwardsi) infested by a rhizocephalan (Peltogasterella gracilis)

A striking striped crab, Liopetrolisthes mitra
Liopetrolisthes mitra, striped colour morph

An interesting grapsid crab, from French Polynesia
Metopograpsus thukuhar (Grapsidae), French Polynesia

A gorgeous polka dot xanthid crab, Cycloxanthops vittatus from Panama
Cycloxanthops vittatus, Panama

Stunning red xanthid crab, Liomera rubra from Guam
Liomera rubra (Xanthidae), Guam

Fire crab! (Hirsutodynomene sp.)
Fire crab (Hirsutodynomene sp)

More polka dots! (Trapezia tigrina)
Coral crab (Trapezia tigrina), Guam

A flat-rock elbow crab, Cryptopodia fornicata
Flat-rock elbow crab (Cryptopodia fornicata)

and wow..there's more which I will add in another post some day!

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David said...

Truly stunning photos! Thanks for sharing.