Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AWESOME vintage 1841 Forbes Echinoderm Plates via the Internet Archive Book Gallery & the Biodiversity Heritage Library!

This week's post is a bit late but trust me, you will LOVE THIS. Thanks to a new round of scanned images on Flickr via the Internet Book Archive  (from the Internet Archive) and from the Biodiversity Heritage Library a host of EPIC  images from the classic 1841 A history of British star-fishes, and other animals of the class Echinodermata by the famous naturalist Edward Forbes.

Brittle stars ARE THE DEVIL'S SERVANTS! (this one NEEDS to be turned into an animated GIF!)

When Sea Cucumbers fought Poseidon FOR THE WORLD! BE THANKFUL TO THEM!

Starfish! Always between the Devil and a hard place!


Even in 1841, Echinoderms were ever subjects by Women in Science!

Field Work was an arduous task in those days!

Young Men & Women Studying the Sea Urchin in Ye Olden Times! Note the humor! "urchin" in Latin meant hedgehog! And in olde English meant "unkept little child" And what's that next to it??? (thanks to Emily for her tip!)

And finally.. for David Shiffman at @WhySharksMatter MERMAIDS fighting over the Star-Fishe! 


Biodiversity Heritage Library said...

Fabulous pics! The book is actually from BHL, digitized by IA from MBOWHOI. Find it as BHL in IA here and in BHL here :-)

ChrisM said...

Thanks! I've added links and clarification where I can...

Emily said...

Hilarious pictures! A bit theologically confused, though.

Also, "urchin" also meant "unkempt little child," so that one may be a triple pun.

ChrisM said...

Emily! thanks for clarifying! I've added your comment along with a further update.