Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paris! Urchins in Abstract!

This week: more showy echinoderms from one of the greatest museums in the world! Paris! Here's another study in abstracts-focusing mainly on sea urchins!

Last week was all about starfish mouths & their spines, etc.

I've blogged before about sea urchins from Paris. Here's one...

and an older one..

And a similar type of blog from my visit to the natural history museum in Tokyo! 

Alien landscapes? Weird colors? Vs. Spines, mouth plates and sea urchin skeleton! Enjoy!

The duo colored spines of the urchin Salmacis
The "teeth" of a "pancake urchin"

Oral spines on this cidaroid urchin. Yikes!
The naturally orange colored spines of this cidaroid (Compsocidaris?)
Natural green and purple stripes on these urchin spines!
More green and purple colors on this cidaroid urchin!
The large crazy spines of Goniocidaris and what lies beneath! 

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