Monday, September 1, 2008

Tribute: The Legacy of Cynthia Ahearn

An obituary summarizing Cynthia Ahearn's passing is here.

This is probably not the best summary of Cynthia Ahearn's complete professional contribution, she was one of those people who had far more impact on the field then a paper trail would reveal.

She influenced students, scientists, and visitors..and encouraged the Echinoblog's existence. But I thought it was important that everyone see her tangible contributions.

Anyone who has more or would like to add a story, a contribution, or comment is welcome to do so. I will forward all such statements to John Ahearn.

*Identification of nearly 300,000 echinoderm specimen lots (this is an estimate-there are likely more). One of the few people in the world who had seen almost every echinoderm specimen in the NMNH collections.

*A completely (or near completely) cataloged collection for the NMNH Echinodermata including types.

*Verification of all the types in the NMNH collections (what is present, what condition, how many, etc.).

*Curated NMNH echinoderm collections for over 30 years!

*Editor, writer, and assembler of the original print version of the International Echinoderm Newsletter from 1993-2003.

*Editor of the Virtual Echinoderm Newsletter (designed by Susan Hottenrott)

*Tours of the NMNH Invertebrate Zoology Department collections and educational experiences to generations of students-from high school to undergraduate to high-level officials.

*Hosted international visitors from Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Australia, Russia and undoubtedly many more then I am aware of..

*Published collaborative research with scientists from Australia, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Russia, as well as with NMNH curator Dave Pawson.

*Provided professional taxonomic expertise to major scientific institutions around the world, including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the National Marine Fisheries Service, New Zealands Institute of Water & Atmosphere (Wellington, New Zealand), the California Academy of Sciences (in San Francisco, CA), the Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Museum Victoria (in Melbourne, Australia) and many more.


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Kevin Zelnio said...

Wow! What an amazingly productive person. The world is surely worse without her around. Thanks for posting this even for those of us less familiar with her impact.

Unknown said...

My niece was a special lady.