Monday, October 20, 2008

Deep Sea Echinoderm Round-UP!!

The friendly folks over at Deep-Sea News (now at their new Discovery Channel outfit) have been doing a neato countdown of the "27 Best Deep Sea Species" and TWO echinoderms are included:
#20 The Swimming Sea Cucumber Enypniastes (pictured above)-Link here

#25 "Crawling" i.e., Stalked Crinoids-Link here. the spirit of their countdown (and because they haven't included NEARLY enough deep-sea echinoderm stuff) here is a list of "Best of" Deep-Sea Echinoderm posts from the Echinoblog...(and let me tell you how startled I was that I actually HAVE enough to do a "best of" post!!)

*Brisingid Starfish & Their Etymology

*The Rare and Mysterious "Sea Daisy" Xyloplax! Parts one: Teh Weirdness and two: Conundrums & Controversies.

*Behold Tremaster mirabilis-"about which little is known.."

*Echinoderm Big Battle! Sea Urchins vs. Stalked Crinoids!

*The Odd Deep-sea crinoid Holopus!

I will be posting jointly WITH Deep-Sea News on the next in the deep-sea species list on WEDNESDAY! Wowza!!

here's a hint..

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Kevin Zelnio said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see you post tomorrow!