Saturday, December 20, 2008

pt. 2: Classy vs. Tacky: Your Sea Urchin Xmas Edition!

So...following Monday's "Hall of Shame" are some tacky sea urchin ornaments/gifts...BUT so that this isn't entirely negative..I've included a CLASSY echinoderm-oriented gift down at the bottom!



Dead Test Santa
Living Animal:

tests made into handles for wood thingies

Living Cidaris from

Ya' got me. Sea urchin snow man..but unidentified...

BUT on the OTHER hand? What's a CLASSY Echinoderm gift item?

Sterling Silver Echinus Tea Ware set from the
Belleek 1975 Catalog!!
Happy Holidays from the Echinoblog!!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! I think I saw you in September while I was "behind the scenes" at the NMNH on my way to the Museum Support Center, but I didn't get to say hello.