Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 Pacific NW Expedition Stuff!

(courtesy of Bernard Roth)

Greetings! and an apology to everyone! The robot-posts didn't get uploaded due to an error on my, d'oh! Hope you guys weren't too bored!

I'm still heading back home-but here's some pics from the trip!

Leaving Newport, Oregon...
The Remotely Operated Vehicle Doc Ricketts

A huge brisingid sea star (probably Hymenodiscus) measuring almost 60 centimeters (about two feet!) in diameter!
(from the Expedition website)

Experiments in deep-sea pressure effects!

I will post a bit more when I am home (and have a better internet connection)!


Togotooner said...

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for being so generous with your knowledge, insight and photo imagery! LOVE this stuff! I truly wish that there would be a way to have a pressurized aquarium for the home aquarists so that we could study many of these interesting creatures at any time.

Then again,..if there was such an aquarium,..I'm sure we'd (via the fish trade) find a way to wipe out their populations in the wild too.

For now, I just love to see all of the creatures you come up with from the deep! I especially love the Sea Mouse and the Sea Pig as well! The Yeti crab is another fave!

ChrisM said...

thanks for the kind words! Always happy to hear from people who enjoy the blog!