Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday special Fresh from Japan: A square-shaped Bat Star! & RAZOR STARFISH!!

Wouldn't it be cool if US news found freakish square shaped starfish newsworthy?
Patiria pectinifera
is the Japanese sister species to the Pacific Northwest Patiria miniata.. here, we see the ANN News channel reporting on this "strange" (although its really not that unusual) irregularity!

Honestly, though? I have no idea what they are saying. If anyone can provide a translation it would be greatly appreciated!!

and to round out the weekend... here is Japanese super hero Kamen Rider V3 fighting RAZOR STARFISH!!!! (yeah its no Starfish Hitler, but what is?)


Tim said...

Don't understand a word of it, but the 2nd vid is the most entertaining thing I've seen in weeks. I was half expecting the lopped off arms to grow into a clone army though.

Vivian G said...

Hi Chris

Just thought I'd say hello and thanks for ALL you've freely contributed on this blog. I've been admiring your passion for echinoderm taxonomy and echinos in general. I am recent tropical mar sci graduate from Australia. Last year while on a field course on the GBR I mentioned and showed your blog to Dr Maria Byrne who said she has worked with you before. She is an echino specialist as well and was just as fascinated with your site as I was. If you dont mind I've been sharing some of your fantastic video links (like Alex.B's diving) on facebook too. Keep up the great job, you're an inspiration to other marine hardcore wannabes out there.

ChrisM said...

Always nice to hear from a fan Vivian. thanks.

Joe Kukki said...

The first video is a Japanese report on a recently discovered starfish shaped in the form of a square, which according to the news "may be genetically inherited" (duh!).

I'm a new fan of your blog. Keep up the good work!

P.fragilis said...

Nice to meet you!
I'm also a new fan of your blog.

The first video says
"the square type wasn't shaped by the predator,but by mutation. "

The second video is Japanese famous TV program.I liked this, When i was young.It's not comedy, but so fun. haha

I'm looking forward to watching your blog!

Ashtar said...

Razor Starfish looks like one bad mofo--wouldn't mind having him in one of my aquariums!

I love starfish, and it's great to know I'm not the only one. Keep up the great work with your blog. I'll be following!