Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday extra! FANTASTIC Antarctic Underwater dive Video!!

This is a FANTASTIC video of diving in Antarctica that I don't think has been appreciated enough... The cool Antarctic inverts don't start until about 2 minutes in..

Antarctica - Below Zero from Alex.Be. on Vimeo.

The Time codes for interesting stuff:

-sponges and anemones (along with some sponge-eating Odontaster) at 2:30-2:40
-Anthomastus like soft coral at 2:40
-the big krill eating starfish Labidiaster at 2:49 (its being pretty quiet though)
-A Cool looking salp at 4:24
-Awesome Antarctic isopod at 4:40
-Dorid Nudibranch at 5:17
-Amphipod at 5:40
-Limpet at 5:50 has MANY awesome videos. His underwater lake videos are hauntingly beautiful.

Echinoblog sez GO CHECK IT OUT!

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