Friday, October 28, 2011

Weird Batman-shaped floaty thing in the deep-sea puzzles Neptune Canada!

Some weekend fun!

UPDATE-Dr. George Matsumoto has identified the weird beast as a lobate ctenophore (a jellyfish like animal) probably one called Lampocteis.

Neptune Canada just posted this video of a Batman-shaped (actually more like the Batwing)... thing floating over the surface of the deep sea bottom.

They don't know what it is. And I'm not entirely sure I do either!! Sea Cucumber? Jellyfish? Ctenophore? Cthulhu's Dandruff flakes? What could it be? WHEEE!

THIS is the fun part of science! See something totally weird that you don't recognize and proceed to find OUT! Got a good suggestion? Or better yet-is there a grad student/engaging scientist out there who knows what it is??

Go ahead and leave an answer in the comments!


Alex Glass said...

Not sure but it does remind me that I have been MIA for years - good to see you are online Chris! This is a great website! Hope you are well!

Deep rising said...

Comb jelly lobate Lampocteis ctenophore.