Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Paris! The city of lights? Or the city of the Octopus?

October 26, 2013. UPDATED with more! 

PARIS! I've just arrived and hard at work with my colleagues at the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle!  But this week has been crazy. Wi-fi down, taking care of last minute projects and so forth on top of travel and jet lag.

So this week the blog is about a curious set of street art I've seen. OCTOPUSES all around Paris! 

These are often painted or posted surreptitiously around Paris in strange corners and rarely travelled nooks around the city. Based on the arm length and overall appearance they appear to most closely resemble the "dumbo" octopus -something like Grimpateuthis or Opisthoteuthis but I'm pretty sure the artist has mainly taken the image from his own imagination...
                           dumbo octopus

This one actually bears a striking resemblance

They all have the same basic shape but vary by character....  The following I have seen...

These I found on Flickr and elsewhere...  
Gzup_8449 rue du Temple Paris 03
image by meuh1246
The old Japanese superhero Spectreman! 
Gzup_3585 passage Lisa Paris 11
Image by meuh1246
Cyclops from the X-Men
Gzup_5111 rue Vavin Paris 06
Image by meuh 1246
King cyclopopod! 
Gzup_8666 rue Jean-Marie Jego Paris 13

and extra bonus! GIANT CEPHALOPOD mounted on a Paris building wall!

Some Halloween fun next week!

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