Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Some great Macro Shots of shallow-water Tropical Urchins!

So, after all that deep-sea stuff, I thought this week might be a good moment to look at some tropical, shallow-water species....

Stunning image of the cidaroid Plococidaris verticellata by Shawn Miller
Plococidaris verticillata, sea urchin

A fire urchin (probably Asthenosoma) from Puerto Galera, Philippines
Puerto Galera - Fire Urchin
More fire urchin love!
fire urchin

A magnificent anal sac in Astropyga
Seaa Urchin
Another anal sac from a diadematid urchin..

Details on Mespilia globulus!
Reaching Out

The slate pencil urchin Heterocentrotus mammilatus..or swirling maelstrom of the ELDER GODS?
Pencil urchin  - Heterocentrotus mammillatus
What lies beneath? the teeth from Aristotle's Lantern! 
Mouth of a Pencil Urchin

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Emily said...

I must say that "magnificent anal sac" is a phrase I never thought I'd see. But magnificent they are-- gorgeous pics!