Monday, May 18, 2009

Because DSN Sex Week is Awesome! Echinoderm Sex Videos!!

In honor of Deep-Sea News' Sex Week theme...Its time for Echinoderm Sex Videos!!!

Please play..."shake, shake, shake" your booty to the following....

Fromia elegans emitting gametes!

Archaster engaged in Pseudocopulation!!

Sea Cucumber in provacative reproductive posture (at 0:14 into the video)

Shake, shake, shake...shake your booty! (Play this for inspiration)


Eric Heupel said...

Echinoderm sex is so diverse - very cool!
Do you have any good crinoid sex vids or facts for us??

(Since you've covered all the other Echinodermata classes here and before?)

The Right Blue said...

Quite by chance, we once encountered a mass of Ruby Brittle Stars (Ophioderma rubicundum) doing this 'standing on tippy toes to release spawn' behavior. It was during a night dive on a reef in the Cayman Islands -- and fortunately I had my camera. We published a post about it last August. You might be interested to have a look at the photos.

Ruby Brittle Stars...Bobbie

ChrisM said...

awesome thanks!