Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I had hoped to put together something more ambitious this week, but alas, forces have worked against me. But NEXT week and for the few weeks? Something SPECIAL ..as the Echinoblog blogs from EUROPE!! As I work from the world famous Museum national d'Histoire naturelle in PARIS, FRANCE!!

But for now, enjoy these very keen videos of the sand star Astropecten which is found in various tropical shallow water environments on sandy bottoms around the world...

From Japan, an outstanding video of what looks like Astropecten polyacanthus gliding gracefully over a sand bottom to a French sound track!

From Tarifa, Spain, a neat vid of what is identified as Astropecten aranciacus...

An Astropecten sp. from Changi!

Painted sand star from Ivan Kwan on Vimeo.

and another one from Japan, being flipped over and turning back...

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