Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kids and Folk Singin' About Echinoderms!

Across the world there's all sorts of people tasked with learning some of the basic important lessons in zoology.. among them, What are echinoderms?

Students and educators alike have invoked their MOST creative potential to bring you these incredible SONGS ABOUT ECHINODERMS!!

and frankly, they ROCK! Go check em' out!

Echinoderms to Justin Bieber's "Baby"

Dr. Dre and ECHINODERMS?? Check it out!

Three young talents from USC...

The Echinoderm Song! (with lyrics!)

And finally, this pretty cool animation/puppet show...


Emily said...

The Echinoderm Song is a real earworm... or should that be ear-sea-cucumber?

ChrisM said...

I think they all have a certain.. ring a ding ding to them! :-)