Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some neat deep-sea ROV video from Canada!

A little bit of Echinoblog extra today! thanks to biologist Jackson Chu (His website can be seen here. thanks Jackson!) has posted some exciting new deep-sea video that *needed* to be shared...

Deep-sea Echinoderms from Canada (submersible ROPOS from what the tags say..)
This starts with Gorgonocephalus and proceeds to show deep-sea cucumbers (including some sea pigs!), various starfish, other ophiuroids and sea urchins...

Deep Sea Echinoderms (Northeast Pacific) from Jackson Chu on Vimeo.

Also kind of cool... video of the predatory tunicate Megalodicopia (not an echinoderm-but closely related to you and me). Most tunicates are filter feeders-but these have modified their "in" siphons so that they capture prey in the bowl-shaped hood...
(and on top of it you get some cool music from Kill Bill!)

The predatory tunicate (Megalodicopia) from Jackson Chu on Vimeo.

The Galiano Glass Sponge Reef in the Strait of Georgia! (Vancover Island)

The Galiano Glass Sponge Reef from Jackson Chu on Vimeo.

And More glass sponges!

Glass Sponge Biology from Jackson Chu on Vimeo.

Some majid ("decorator") crab inside a big glass sponge..

Decorator Crab inside a Glass Sponge from Jackson Chu on Vimeo.


Jackson Chu said...

Cool! I'm a fan of the blog - thanks for linking. I work on deep sea glass sponges, but we always come across lots of other crazy critters. If anybody is interested in the sponge research we do, please visit my old master's research page at

ChrisM said...

thanks Jackson! I've linked your page in the blog! Let me know the next time you update and I'd be happy to Tweet/plug!