Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Off-topic: A Panoply of Polychaetes! Photos by Arthur Anker

Nereis cf riisei, rolled in a spiral

Just returned from Paris and am snowed under by jet lag and catchup, so here are some stunning images of various polychate worms!  by my colleague  Arthur Anker formerly at the Universidade Federal do Ceara, Labomar but now at the National University of Singapore.

Arthur's photography stuns me whenever I see it and if I can share it with the public than I do! Enjoy!

and if you enjoy polychaetes go check out my link page of "bobbit worm" videos! here.

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Gorekia! the worm that lives INSIDE a sea urchin! here.

The Leather star (Dermasterias) scale worm love? story! here.

A gorgeous Trypanosyllis sp, a syllid worm from Moorea, French Polynesia.
Wormy elegance
A stunning Eupolymnia tube worm from the Caribbean
Eupolymnia sp (?), a Caribbean tube worm

Head on with Diopatra sp. (Onuphidae) from the mudflats of Singapore
Diopatra sp ? (Onuphidae) from mudflats of Singapore

and more Diopatra love!
Diopatra sp (Onuphidae)
Hermodice cf. canunculata-a fire worm from Sao Tome
Hermodice cf carunculata - a fire worm from Sao Tome

Eunice sp from the Caribbean coast of Panama
Eunice sp from the Caribbean coast of Panama

Nereis cf. riisei, rolled up into a spiral, fr. Panama
Nereis cf riisei, rolled in a spiral

Fireworm (Chloeia sp) from Panama Canal
Fireworm (Chloeia sp) from Panama Canal

Branchiomma sp. a sabellid worm from Sao Tome, Brazil
Branchiomma sp, a sabellid worm from Sao Tome

Lepidonotus sp. from the Caribbean
Lepidonotus (2)

 Pontogenia from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia 
Pontogenia sp (Pontogeniidae), GBR, Australia

A festively colored scale worm, Lepidasthenia sp. from Cozumel Island, Mexico
Colourful scale worm (Lepidasthenia sp ?), Cozumel Island, Mexico

A neat pic of a sand-tube worm, Pectinaria IN a sand-grain tube! from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Sand-tube worm (Pectinaria sp) in its sand-grain tube, GBR, Australia

Another Pectinaria species, from Florida showing the worm and its sand-grain tube
Pectinaria sp in its sofisticated sand tube, Seahorse Key, FL

Finally, a maldanid polychaete worm from Australia
Maldanid worm

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