Monday, February 16, 2009

Japanese Larval Echinoderm Videos!

So, this week is kinda busy...but truth be told, awhile back I found these REALLY cool videos on Japanese YouTube and have just been ITCHING to show them to everyone!

They show various echinoderms going through their Larval stages in pretty nice photoquality accompanied by a pretty cool-as-hell jazzy/folksy music ensemble.

Here is a link to Google Translate for general translation-but I make no claims as to the reliability or the accuracy of the results. I find it useful mainly to get the general idea of what the descriptions say..

1 Spatangoid Sea Urchin of some kind.

2."Regular" Sea Urchin larval growth

3. Ophothrix exigua Brittle Star larval growth

4. Starfish Larval growth


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Anonymous said...

Your blog is just made of win:) I work at a sea urcin hatchery in Norway, and theese videos of larval development is really nice. Thanks for posting.