Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The World Asteroidea Database is OPEN!!

So, ya remember how I said I was working on something? Here it is!!!


Currently over 1800 names and counting!!!

My gift to the world! Yeeeha!

Still under development in some places...but has all of the taxonomic fundamentals!

Enjoy! (back to starfish sex tomorrow!)


Eric Heupel said...

Come on! Bring on more echinosex and psuedocopulation! I need something to occupy my time while I wait grad school news.

Seriously congratulations and thanks... a lot!

Echinobase are belong to us!!!

Kevin Zelnio said...

Great work Chris! Are there plans to expand the database to other Echinoderm groups in the near future?

ChrisM said...

The Ophiuroidea database is already up and running

there are holothurian and crinoid ones currently underway.

I have no info on what will happen with the echinoids.

Mithrax said...

Great work with the asteroidea database!!! I'm interested on the crinoid database adress... I haven't been able to find it! Could you help me a little bit :o)

Thanx alot!

Anonymous said...

there isn't a crinoid database yet.

the only thing I can recommend is to go to and look up "Crinoidea"

eventually there will be a crinoid database..but prolly not for a few months yet..