Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TITANIC TURN OVERS!! When Big Multi-Armed Starfish in ACTION!!!

The giant Indo-Pacifc sand star Luidia maculata...in life and then disturbed, turned over and then, righting itself. This one is pretty amazing .....

This week is a short week because of Memorial Day on Monday and various other factors have conspired against me! So..today is videos of GIANT multi-armed starfish from various places TURNING themselves over!!

For some reason, people are always fascinating watching starfish do this! WHY? I don't know. But for some reason its better when the animals are huge, multi-armed freakish starfish monsters!!! GO!

Coscinasterias calamaria from Australia...

Starfish sped up 10x from Andrew Newton on Vimeo.

Here is a Japanese Solaster sp. correcting its position...

And of course what compilation of big multi-armed starfish is complete without PYCNOPODIA-the Sunflower Star!

Could starfish behavior have some kind of practical applicaton?? Like say as a model for ROBOTS???

Hat tip to my Japanese robot/starfish fans out there!


Unknown said...

*surprise comment from a reader who usually just lurks*

The final stages of the star's turning over are exquisitely elegant.

That robot was AWESOME.

ChrisM said...

Awesome! great to hear from you Cap!