Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Echinoblog! Here's a little break...

So, between my being snowed in at the Paris airport and being delayed for awhile from travel and other general holiday transit issues, the echinoblog will be been pretty quiet this week... But I won't leave without giving people something! So, here's a little set of videos that mainly features some neat looking sea slugs!

*gasp* yes. Just letting the echinoderms take a little holiday rest..... So, enjoy!

A tropical sea slug, called Kalinga ornata that in one video tries to feed on a brittle star...

and here's just a cool video of it

and here's just one weird-ass sea slug called Melibe viridis

Happy Holidays to everyone from the Echinoblog!


Anonymous said...

And the brittle star was promptly spat out.

Happy holidays too :)

Ron Yeo said...

Hey Chris, nice videos, and happy holidays!